Spring 2021 COVID-19 Guidelines

Parent & Player Responsibilities

PCSL Expectations: Sideline Ethics

While at the complex...

  • At U6, U7, & U8  parents/fans are not allowed to sit in between the two playing fields. Please find a place on the opposite side or at the ends of the fields to cheer on your player.
  • At U9-High School, parents/fans are to sit on the opposite side of the field as the teams.
  • Any player wearing a cast or splint may not participate in games or practices.
  • PCSL Complex does not allow pets, smoking, or alcohol on the property
  • Leave the fields free of trash.
  • Drive slowly & cautiously while in the complex parking lot and do not park in the NO PARKING area along the entrance to the complex.  There is plenty of parking throughout the Complex.  Parking in the NO PARKING areas creates emergency & safety issues.  Anyone parked in this area is subject to being towed.

Soccer is a fantastic game for fun, exercise, and athletic development.  As a matter of fact, soccer provides a means for your young player to acquire athletic skills for other sports as well-skills such as balance, speed, coordination, agility, fitness and other vital components. In this regard, we at PCSL are constantly trying to find ways to improve our communication with you and give material that we hope you find useful for the enjoyment and development of your son or daughter.

The new Prairie Cities Soccer League Parent's Manual has been developed to help you with this. Included in the manual:

  • How to help support your child and coach
  • What to expect during your child's development
  • Learn about PCSL's approach to player development

At the end of the manual, there is a great article, 10 Ways Parents Can Support Their Child, which includes ideas to help your child grow as an athlete and a person. Please check out the Prairie Cities Soccer League Parent's Manual today!




How do you find out if games are cancelled?

Please do not call the PCSL office on rainy, overcast or cold days to inquire about cancellation of league games. We do not cancel merely because it's raining.

Games are played except when the following conditions exist:
Any signs of lightning
An issued Severe Thunderstorm Warning
An issued Tornado Watch or Warning
Severe Cold Temperature

Any other severe weather condition the PCSL Board of Directors considers would endanger our players or volunteers.

Announcements of league cancellations will be announced on the PCSL's website, Twitter account, Facebook page, through email (if timing permits) and WJBC radio (1230 AM) & website, by 7:30am on game days.

Often times, a severe storm will roll in mid-way through the day. For Game time cancellation decisions, as soon as possible, the website, Twitter & Facebook will be updated, league emails will be sent (if timing permits) and WJBC notified. We rely on coaches to help spread the word to their team parents.

**When weather requires additional clothing, it is to be worn under the uniform, including the socks


To log into your TeamSnap account go to https://www.teamsnap.com.

Use the the email & password that you created.