PCSL Families,

There are a few things we would like you to keep in mind to ensure all players, coaches, referees and fans have a positive soccer experience this season.

• Show good behavior. PCSL encourages participation in youth soccer for what it is-youngsters having fun. Coaches, parents and spectators should show only good adult behavior on the sidelines and act as role models for the younger players. Help create a positive soccer atmosphere. Influence your youngster’s soccer experience by following these Sideline Ethics.

• Support the referees. Soccer Referees control the game the moment they enter the grounds. Most are still young and are still learning to referee, just as players are learning to play. They respect fair play, sportsmanship, skill, and the spirit of the game. Referee calls are final. No player, coach or parent ever changed a ref’s decision, but the criticism disrupts the game and sends the wrong message to players that it is OK to disrespect the calls of the referee.

• Players can’t enjoy and play the game with constant yelling from the coach and fans. Positive coaching should be done at the half and/or when the player is out of the game. Parents need to be supportive and positive from the sidelines and to leave the coaching to the Coach.

• At U6, U7 & U8, parents/fans should not sit in between the two playing fields. Please find a place to sit on the opposite side of the two fields from the teams or at the ends of the fields. Referees and field supervisors will ask parents to move from coach’s sideline to the parent’s sideline prior to match kicking off.

• At U9-High School, parents/fans are to sit on the opposite side of the field as the teams. The Referee and field supervisor will ask parents to move from coach’s sideline to the parent’s sideline prior to match kicking off.

• All players must wear their PCSL uniform (shirt, shorts & socks) for each game. If weather requires additional clothing, always wear the PCSL uniforms over the additional layers.

• Any player wearing a splint or cast, of any kind, is not allowed to play. A doctors note does not make it OK to play. This is to protect all the players on the field.

• Drive slowly & cautiously while in the complex parking lot and leave the fields free of trash.

• Do not park in the NO PARKING area along the entrance to the complex. There is plenty of parking throughout the Complex. Parking in the NO PARKING areas creates emergency & safety issues. Anyone parked in this area is subject to being towed.

• Pets, smoking and alcohol are not allowed on the property.

Thank you for taking the time to read through these reminders and remembering to always follow them while at the complex.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at league@pcslsoccer.org or 309-451-GOAL(4625).