Prairie Cities Soccer League (PCSL) is a recreational league offering soccer to children ages 4 to 19. The League is a member of the Illinois Youth Soccer Association (IYSA). PCSL's philosophy is Everyone Plays. Our program's goal is for kids to play soccer so we mandate the every player on every team must play at least 50% of every game regardless of practice or game attendance.

Interested in playing PCSL Soccer?

We are currently taking registrations for the Fall 2023/Spring 2024 season.

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Age requirements and Divisions

Age Division Chart for the 2023-2024 season

Uniforms Fall 2023/Spring 2024

The U5 & U6 Program does not require players to wear the PCSL uniform.



PCSL's t-shirt sponsor is State Farm Agent, Axel Jimenez. We are excited to have him as part of the PCSL family!


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Required PCSL Uniform:

  • PCSL shirts - 1 royal blue, 1 gold (purchase online only)
  • Shorts - 1 royal blue (purchase online or locally)
  • Sock - 1 royal blue (purchase online or locally)
  • Shin Guards (purchase online or locally)
  • Soccer cleats/athletic shoes (purchase locally)
  • Soccer Ball (U5-U8  Size 3, U9-U12  Size 4, U14-HS  Size 5)  (purchase online or locally)


**Soccer shoes or gym shoes are permitted. No baseball or football cleats. Leather street shoes with molded rubber or plastic type soles are illegal. Medical information tags, if worn, have to be taped against the body.

Artificial limbs and knee braces are permitted but must be completely padded with no metal or hard material exposed. No earrings, watches or fitness bands allowed. Players wearing orthopedic casts, air-splints, or metal splints will be able to participate if a foam padding (minimum ½” thick) is wrapped around the entire cast or splint, and the padding then wrapped in an “Ace” type bandage.


**When weather requires additional clothing, it is to be worn under the uniform, including the socks


What size soccer ball does my child need?

U5-U8             size 3

U9-U12           size 4

U14-HS           size 5