We are excited to announce the merger of the Prairie Cities Soccer League (PCSL) Board of Directors and the Illinois Fire Juniors (IFJ) Board of Directors! In July, both boards unanimously voted to come together as one board. While finances will remain separate, we will work together in other areas such as uniforms and marketing to gain efficiencies.

Are you interested in joining the Board or helping out in a variety of ways?  Interested individuals can email league@pcslsoccer.org to submit your name or gather more information. This is an exciting time for PCSL as we collaborate with the Illinois Fire Juniors and Chicago Fire.

PCSL/IFJ Executive Board

President - Tim Koch
Vice President PCSL - Kirt McReynolds
Vice President IFJ - Chris Downing
Finance PCSL - Rich Berlin
Finance IFJ - Matt Frank
Secretary PCSL/IFJ - Jeremy Kelley
Operations PCSL - John Lambert

Board Members

Operations IFJ – Kurt O'Connor
Tournament - Andie Halley
Marketing/Sponsorship - Amanda Jones
Communications – Jeff Hobbs
Volunteers - Kathy Heitzman
Uniforms - Miranda Frank
Chicago Fire - Paul Cadwell

PCSL Office Info:

Office Hours: Tuesday & Thursday from 9am to 1pm

Office Location: 705 E. Lincoln, Ste.#113 Normal , IL 61761

Office Email:  league@pcslsoccer.org or office@pcslsoccer.org

Coach Questions:  coach@pcslsoccer.org

Referee Questions:  referee@pcslsoccer.org

Telephone: 309-451-GOAL (4625)
Fax: 309-452-7633


Pam Bauman, PCSL League Administrator - league@pcslsoccer.org

Becky Schreiber, PCSL League Assistant - office@pcslsoccer.org

Sarah Parola, IFJ Club Administrator -admin@illinoisfirejuniors.com

Tammy Stauffer, Director of Operations - tammy.stauffer@illinoisfirejuniors.com