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Referees Spring 2020

New & Returning Spring PCSL Referees,

We’re looking forward to the Spring 2020 season and having you as a PCSL referee!

For the past several seasons, we have coordinated with the Illinois Soccer Referee Committee to hold a recreational Grade 9 certification course for our PCSL referees. However, there is no longer a Grade 9 (recreational) certification. US Soccer has launched the Online Grassroots Referee Course. This new pathway consolidates the current nine grade certification program into five license levels. The pathway design aims to clarify a referee’s journey from grassroots to the highest levels of the game, lower the barriers of entry for anyone wishing to participate as a referee and offer all referees more mobility and flexibility in their development. The US Soccer Grassroots License has both an online and in-person component. Grassroots referees will register for courses and be certified through State Referee offices.

For this spring 2020 season, PCSL is conducting its own referee training course. All referees must attend this training to referee for the Spring 2020 season. You will not be required to be certified as a Grassroots Referee through the state referee office, although, we you encourage you to do so as there are many benefits to doing so. Below you will find the details on each.


Spring 2020 PCSL Referee Training *REQUIRED*

This training will be conducted by PCSL’s Referee Director. It will give you the basic soccer referee training you will need to referee PCSL games. There is no fee associated with this training. All who want to referee for the Spring 2020 season must attend. This will allow you to referee only PCSL games.

When: Saturday, March 7

Time: 9am-3pm (lunch will be provided)

Where: Integrity Technology Solutions, Learning Center, 816 South Eldorado Road, Suite #4, Bloomington

Sign up is required. Sign up for the PCSL Training by following clicking this LINK


Grassroots Referee Course (previously grades 9, 8, 7) Entry Level & Recertification  *Optional*

This training, as explained above, is offered by US Soccer and you will be certified through the state referee office (ISRC). There is an online portion as well as an in-person session. There is a fee associated with this course/certification. This certification will qualify you to not only referee PCSL games, but referee for travel games if you choose to do so.

A course is slated to be held in Bloomington on Saturday, March 14, but it has not been added to the ISRC site as of yet. Once we get a confirmation of the date and know that the course has been added to the Illinois Soccer Referee Committee’s website, we will let you know more details.



In addition to training, all referees must complete the following:
• Complete & turn in 2 copies of the IYSA Medical Release and Liability Waiver on the day of the training or to the PCSL office by Friday, March 20. *If you submitted the waiver in the fall 2019 season, you do not have to submit one for this spring 2020 season.

• Register as a Referee in TeamSnap. *If you refereed for PCSL this past Fall 2019 season, you have already completed this requirement. Only those new to refereeing or did not referee in the Fall 2019 season should complete this registration. Referee for Fall 2019/Spring 2020.

• Complete & turn in the Referee AVAILABILITY FORM for Spring 2020 to the PCSL office by Friday, March 20.

*If you are over 18, there will be additional requirements to complete. You will be contacted individually with info/instructions.

If you have any questions please contact Pam Bauman, PCSL League Administrator at or (309) 451-GOAL(4625).

Referees Fall 2020/Spring 2021


The following referee requirements completed in order to referee this Fall 2020/Spring 2021 season:

* Attend the PCSL Fall Referee Training (TBD)

* Register as a Referee for Fall 2020/Spring 2021.

* Complete & turn in 2 copies of the Illinois Youth Soccer Association Emergency Medical Release & Liability Waiver to the office.

* Complete & turn in the Referee Availability Form for Fall 2020 to the office.

*If you are over 18, there will be additional requirements to complete. You will be contacted individually with info/instructions.


If you have any questions please contact Pam Bauman, PCSL League Administrator at or (309) 451-GOAL(4625).

Changes are being made by the Illinois Soccer Referee Committee to the certification courses due to US Soccer requirements/changes. We do not have any specific information to pass along right now. Please check back to our website. Once we get the details and more info.

*Age Requirement:  To become a PCSL referee, you must be 12 yrs of age or older.  If an official is 13 yrs or younger, according to IL Labor Law guidelines, their parent and/or guardian will need to be at match as well.


Pay Chart


Important info. & links for Referees - Spring 2020:

Rules for PCSL Coaches & refs 2019-2020

Game Sheets U9-HS

Points of Emphasis

FIFA Laws of the Games

Laws of the Game updates fall 2019


Fact Sheets for U6-HS Age Divisions:

U6 Guidelines updated 7-22-19

U7 Guidelines updated 7-22-19

U8 Guidelines updated 7-22-19

U9-U10 fact sheet updated 7-23-19


U14 updated 9-10-19

HS fact sheet updated 7-22-19

Concussion Procedure and Protocol

How do you find out if games are cancelled?

Please do not call the PCSL office on rainy, overcast or cold days to inquire about cancellation of league games. We do not cancel merely because it's raining.

Games are played except when the following conditions exist:

  • Any signs of lightning
  • An issued Severe Thunderstorm Warning
  • An issued Tornado Watch or Warning
  • Severe Cold Temperature
  • Any other severe weather condition the PCSL Board of Directors considers would endanger our players or volunteers.

Announcements of league cancellations will be announced on the PCSL's website, Twitter account, Facebook page, through email (if timing permits) and WJBC radio (1230 AM) & website, by 7:30am on game days.

Often times, a severe storm will roll in mid-way through the day. For Game time cancellation decisions, as soon as possible, the website, Twitter & Facebook will be updated, league emails will be sent (if timing permits) and WJBC notified.  We rely on coaches to help spread the word to their team parents.