HOW TEAMS ARE FORMED U7 – High School Age Divisions


PCSL forms teams, to the extent possible, based on the location the player lives in. We do not look at specific neighborhoods/addresses, but only the player’s location code. If you register your child on time, they are guaranteed a spot on a team.


If you register late (May 1 or later), we are not able to guarantee space for your child or that your team assignment will be in you location.


Birth date, gender and location are the primary criteria for assigning players to teams at the beginning of every season. Location involves the residence of players as well as the residence of the closest available volunteer coach. You need to know what your location code is BEFORE you begin the on-line registration process. Your location code can be found by locating where you live on the Location Map. Location-based teams tend to be reasonably balanced by skill, make efficient use of available practice fields throughout McLean County,
and keep commuting distances at a minimum for most families. The League continues to refer to school as a secondary consideration when possible.


Be aware that PCSL does not assign players based on last year's team, carpooling arrangements, coach preferences, scheduling conflicts and other individual requests. Please do not make these requests when registering.


When players are being placed on teams from the Spring ONLY Wait List prior to the spring season, there is no guarantee that there will be a space on a team or that the team assignment will be in your location. Spring team assignments are on a first-come, first-serve basis and are dependent on openings that become available on current teams.