PCSL Coaches,

Great news! We have teamed up with Illinois Youth Soccer and the United States Soccer Federation to bring a FREE 4v4 Coaching License to the area on February 29 from 2pm – 6pm at Heartland Community College’s Recreational Building.

This Grassroots 4v4 course is part of the US Soccer coaching pathway and is one of the newest coaching courses that focuses on the play-practice-play model.

At the Grassroots level, children learn and develop to their full potential through game like experiences in an enjoyable environment which supports individual growth. A major emphasis of the course are the Six Tasks of a US Soccer Coach: Coaching Games (CG),Coaching Training Sessions (CTS),Leading the Team (LT),Leading the Player (LP),Managing the Performance Environment (MPE), Leadership (L)

Upon completion of the course, you will receive a USSF Soccer Coaching License. In addition, you will gain access to twelve free session plans, which can be used for the upcoming PCSL spring soccer season.

• Date- Saturday, Feb 29th 2020
• Time- 2pm to 6pm
• Course Length: 4 Hours – 1 Hour Classroom 2 Hour Field 1 Hour Classroom
• Location- Heartland Community College, Recreational Building, Normal
• Cost-FREE
• Prerequisites: 1. Create a coaching profile in the US Soccer Digital Coaching Center(DLC). 2. Complete the US Soccer Introduction To Grassroots Coaching Module.

Please contact us at league@pcslsoccer.org to let us know you will attend. You will then be emailed a link and individual code that you will need to sign up, create an individual coach profile and complete the coaching module.

We hope all of you can attend and take advantage of this great coaching opportunity!